64 minutes | Jul 11th 2019

Episode 8 - Lindy Yokanovich, Esq.

Mrs. Yokanovich is the Founder and Executive Director of Cancer Legal Care. A mom to 4 children, she grew up among the strawberry fields and surfers of Southern California and went on to become a lawyer and practice law in San Francisco. That’s where the pro-bono work she did with the AIDS community changed her. Those experiences, coupled with the impact cancer had in her own family, inspired her to dedicate her career to work that she cares about as much as her family. Her vision was an organization that engages the law to resolve the complex challenges facing people and communities affected by cancer. Listen as she unpacks why you need a lawyer on your healthcare team, statistics like 42% of cancer patients depleting their life saving within two years of diagnosis, and where people can go for similar legal services that don’t live in Minnesota. We also discuss a recent branding journey her organization completed that unlocked their enormous potential and we close with the hard-won wisdom she’s earned as a founder. If you have an idea that you’re in love with we promise, she’ll inspire you!