33 minutes | Oct 16, 2018

Real Food Radio Episode 036: How to Get The Most Nutrition Out of Your Food

Today's episode is all about how to maximize the nutrition you're getting from the foods you eat. We take a deep dive into things like bioavailability, soil quality, eating local, cooked vs raw foods, phytic acid, protein, and gut health. Resources: Soil quality in your area: https://mrdata.usgs.gov/geochem/doc/averages/se/usa.html How to build a nourishing infusion: https://theherbalacademy.com/build-nutritive-tea/ Where to find Ayla and Nicole: Body Composition testing at Boston Functional Nutrition Body Composition testing at Whole Health RD Nourish You Fertility on Facebook Boston Functional Nutrition on Facebook Whole Health RD Whole Health RD on Facebook Music Credit: www.bensound.com
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