49 minutes | Aug 23rd 2019

How to Write Your Book Using Facebook Live

Click to Download Notes Hello! Welcome to the RealFastResults.com podcast! Clint Arthur is today’s special guest. What Clint has to say is vitally important to building your platform as an author, as a speaker, as a coach, as a trainer, and whatever it is that you do in business. Please welcome Clint to the show… Promise: How to Write Your Book with Facebook Live This is going to be one of the most amazing breakthrough interviews that anybody is ever going to hear because I did something, recently, that no one has ever done, to my knowledge. I’ve worked with over 1,000 authors, speakers, and coaches. I know what everyone is doing through Celebrity Launchpad, through events at Harvard, or Nasdaq. Nobody has ever done anything like this before! Click to Download Notes
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