37 minutes | Mar 3rd 2019

How to Create a Business Plan for Your Book With Kathy Meis

Click for access to full show notes Welcome to the RealFastResults.com podcast! Today’s special guest is Kathy Meis, and it’s very exciting to have her on the show. Kathy is an expert in multiple areas, including marketing, publishing, and selling more books in general. Kathy is president and CEO of Bublish, which is a company that provides marketing and promotion information for self-publishing authors. Please welcome her to the show… Promise: How to Position Your Book in an Overcrowded Marketplace I am going to show you how to position your book in and overcrowded marketplace, so that your marketing is more effective, and you sell more books. This is exactly the type of help authors need, and this should be the foundation of anyone’s publishing journey. If you don’t get this right, your marketing isn’t going to work, and you won’t sell books. If you do get it right, everything will work out well. Click for access to full show notes
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