36 minutes | Jan 31st 2019

Alternative Methods for Earning Money with Your Books with Adam Hogue

Click to download podcast notes Hello! Welcome to the RealFastResults.com podcast! This episode is very special. If you are an author, and especially if you have a non-fiction book, then today’s show is definitely the right one for you to tune into. Adam Hogue is here to share his knowledge with you today. Adam is a bestselling author who has hit the Wallstreet Journal and USA Today bestseller lists. In addition, Adam has also been able to generate a very stout income with his books, and this income is independent of anything else that he’s doing through his courses, and webinars, etc. In other words, he has been able to make a substantial amount of income just by and through the sales of his books. Please welcome Adam to the show… Big Promise: How to Profit from Your Books I want to discuss some of the alternative options for getting the most profit from your books. There are so many good methods through Amazon and the other stores, but there are also other untapped resources that most people are unaware of. I really want to give a strong, solid value add to that today. Turn Your Books into Online Courses Today, what I wanted to talk about was how you could turn your books into online courses. Also, how you can use that as a new stream of revenue to be able to take what you’re currently earning from your books and scale it up so much more quickly than you had ever thought possible. Click to download podcast notes
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