32 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

294 - Video Branding with Aaron Martinez

Aaron Martinez started off his journey on YouTube at the age of 14. He very quickly realized that personal branding was one of the quickest ways to not only build credibility but also serve as an authority. After branding himself as the “go-to Snapchat guy” on YouTube, he built up his following from 0-100k in a little under 6 months. In the time of the “Snapchat boom” Aaron partnered up with companies like Coke, Disney, Zillow, Nasdaq, Nowthis, and Thrillest to show them how to launch and build a brand on Snapchat.

Through the partnership with Zillow, Aaron started to grow interested in Real Estate - getting a branding/video content creator at a local brokerage, he fell in love with the concept of branding in a local sense. His first year in the company, he won an award for branding specialist of the year for the work put into helping build the company. While getting a taste of real estate, he wanted to help other people around the world not only build their brand but also generate qualified leads (bringing tangible results for his clients) to help grow their revenue. He partnered up with Karan Sanghavi through a mutual mentorship group - and that is when RE Agent Growth was Born. Their mission together is to completely disrupt the real estate marketing space with their “Non-Automated Attraction” model. In a world where so many RE professionals swear by their “automation” and bot technology, they really quickly found a way to set appointments at an alarming rate (up to 80% from lead to apt) through their methods. Currently working with a brokerage that is doing over 25 million in transactions a month and proving that the methods are bulletproof. As a company, they are also planning to incorporate massive amounts of branding/video to showcase how important it is to have a personal brand, especially in a space where everyone says they are “the best at real estate marketing” but very few even show their face.

In today's episode, we discuss how to create a business identity using video. 

In this episode, you'll learn..

"Realtors: Go Further, Faster—Amplify Your Personal Brand With Video"

  • How can video expand your sphere of influence as a real estate agent
  • 5 tips to master video
  • Why developing a personal brand should be taken as a journey
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