24 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

014: The Law of the First Deal and the Power of Partnerships with Lee M. Fjord

Two for one special today! In this episode you’re going to learn how to win on your first deal AND how to maximize your potential by building powerful partnerships. Lee M. Fjord is a consummate real estate professional with almost a decade of experience managing, leasing, brokering, investing, and syndicating real estate properties. It’s unique to find someone who is both a broker and investor. Lee does it all by being results-driven, goal oriented professional real estate agent and investor focusing on value-add midsize apartments. With over 125 doors including a 76 unit syndication acquired in 2020, he excels by approaching each client with the goal of meeting or exceeding all of their expectations to ensure the creation of "long lasting" and trusted relationships. Tune in and learn more about the law of the first deal, the power of partnerships, and how you can partner with Lee today. Getting to know Lee M. Fjord - [00:01 – 04:07] I introduce Lee M. Fjord Bio  How Lee got into his work in brokerage and syndication Starting in property management Inspired to invest Making all the wrong moves on the first investment  Taking the steps towards brokerage The Law of the First Deal and the Power of Partnerships - [04:08 – 18:14] A deeper look at the law of the first deal Your first million dollar deal Getting the attention of a broker  You don’t have to do it alone  Getting through the barriers of the first deal  Bring some kind of value to the team Don’t do it alone  The value of maximizing a team Lee talks about the broker side of his work Providing value to all investors Supporting all markets  The power of Lee’s partnership An offer open to everyone Links below  Final Questions- [18:15 - 23:29] What is your superpower? Relating to people and creating connections What was your biggest failure? Buying a deal, never seen, with cash, on his own How Lee is impacting the world Reforestation efforts - One Tree Planted Connect with Lee! Links below Final words   Tweetable Quotes: “What I mean by your first deal is your first real, good sized first deal; one that’s a million dollars or more… The type of deal that gets callbacks from brokers like me.” - Lee M. Fjord “Try your best to get into your first big deal and work as hard as you can to get it, and when you do get it - try not to screw it up too bad.” - Lee M. Fjord “If you can get a powerful team together and just maximize everybody’s capabilities, there’s no limit to what you can, as a team, accomplish.” - Lee M. Fjord Resources Mentioned:  One Tree Planted Want to connect with Lee? Call 850-797-1307. You can also find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Visit https://www.greenforestcapital.com/ to learn more about building your cash flow.  Check out https://syndicationpro.com/ and learn how you can raise more capital in less time! Join the MFIN Summit and use our promo code: QUATTRO LEAVE A 5 STAR REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode. Find out how team Quattro can help you by visiting www.TheQuattroWay.com.    Real Estate Runway Podcast is all about alternative business and investment strategies to help you amplify life, and maximize wealth! Click here to find out more about the host, Chad Sutton.  
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