26 minutes | Jun 11th 2020

Charge Less And Earn More

https://vimeo.com/428280387 Episode 3: Video Version How can we possibly charge less and earn more? This is question it seems many are struggling to get their head around. The thinking is that if we drop our commission - if we discount … and that word discount has become a dirty word in our industry. It’s looked at with disdain. It's discouraged. You’re labelled as a weak and desperate salesperson who has to slash your commission to get business... So, if we drop our commission, we have to either drop the quality of our service (you now the old 'pay peanuts get monkeys'), and we have to do more turnover.  I used to think that also. In fact, I still do. If we change nothing else, then yes reducing fees leads to poor quality service needing high turnover.  And I really think that just discounting the commission-only model is not the answer to our industry issues. If anything it’s a race to the bottom - leading to worse ethics for our industry.   So the challenge is how can we raise professionalism - raise quality - while also being better value for our clients. Most people believe it can’t be done. But you can. In this episode I show you how. PS - If you'd like a picture of the whiteboard without my mugshot in the middle of it - simply register on this page for updates and I'll send it through to you.
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