35 minutes | May 19th 2020

A Paradigm Shift

https://vimeo.com/420502289 My name is Carl Slade and I’m going to be talking about a paradigm shift in how we can operate in this industry.  Why? Well because our industry is broken. It’s broken for consumers (our clients) and I’ll show you how it’s also broken for most of us real estate agents. But, as an industry we’ve got an opportunity to fix it. To make it better for our clients and us – before it’s too late. Hope you enjoy this first episode. You can subscribe to future episodes of the podcast on apple podcasts – or your preferred platform. If you want to get more involved in this movement – register your interest and I’ll keep you up to date with developments. You can contact me directly with your questions, comments and thoughts at: carl@realestaterestated.com
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