6 minutes | Apr 10, 2021

Multiple Offers on Homes - Win That Home - First Tuesday Mark Starling April 6th 20221

How do people win the house as a buyer? It's so tough out there - multiple offers on each home and people overbidding list price.

  • Work with an experienced agent
  • Do the sellers want seller possession after closing?
  • Get Pre-approved - NOT pre-qualled
  • Speed - gotta jump on it with an experienced agent
  • Take your search down and look 10% less so you can afford to go 10% over to win the house
  • Ask your agent whether you can offer SELLER paid closing costs
  • Don't settle for a home -however, check your expectations and figure out what is a MUST and what is a wish
  • As a seller, in this overheated market - get it out there as fast as you can

First News with Mark 04-06-21

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