27 minutes | Sep 4, 2017

What is a Buyers' Agent? - EP51

You don’t know what you don’t know, and buying your first home is one of those situations where an expert-advocate can save you a lot of anxiety and perhaps even a lot of money in the long run. On today’s episode of Real Estate Matters, Toni is speaking with Martine Chauvin, Director of Prime Estate, regarding the function of a buyer’s agent. Toni and Martine explore the qualifications necessary to become a buyer’s advocate as well as the role the buyer’s agent plays in the real estate acquisition process. They get specific about how the buyer’s advocate comes to understand her client’s needs and helps them navigate the minefield that is real estate to find the best option within their budget. Martine goes on to share the packages Prime Estate offers, explaining the transparent nature of their fees and how capping their rate at the agent’s upper quote range works to establish trust with clients. The explore the emotional nature of bidding at auction and the benefits associated with having a buyer’s agent do the negotiating for you. Toni and Martine also discuss the need for compromise when a client seems to be looking for a ‘needle in a haystack,’ and why first-time home buyers should think of the purchase as a stepping stone.  Listen in to understand that the selling agent ultimately works for the vendor, and how you might benefit from employing an advocate of your own. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about the quality of the advice you’re getting, a buyer’s agent may be exactly what you need! About Martine Chauvin Martine Chauvin is a buyer’s agent with Prime Estate, a boutique advocacy company based in South Melbourne. She prides herself on honesty, enthusiasm and total dedication to all her clients. Add to that Martine’s strong communication and organisation skills, and it is easy to see why she has such a high success rate in securing properties for her clients, both privately and at auction. She has been in the real estate industry for just over three years now, and recently completed all the coursework necessary to become a licensed real estate agent. Prime Estate has been negotiating properties on behalf of clients since 2004, and it has earned a reputation for being one of the most respected buyer’s advocacy firms in the Melbourne property market. Topics Covered Martine’s qualifications as a buyer’s agent/advocate The responsibilities of a buyer’s agent How a buyer’s advocate determines buyer criteria Why the buyer’s agent views a first home purchase as a stepping stone The service area covered by Prime Estate The benefits of using a buyer’s advocate How the buyer’s agent helps you make an informed decision The most important documents to analyze in considering an apartment The two packages Martine’s firm offers The fees associated with employing Prime Estate Martine’s mission to find clients the best property in the marketplace How Prime Estate caps its fees to instill confidence The emotional component of bidding at auction and its consequences How using a buyer’s agent at auction takes away the emotional component The differences between an investment client versus a first-time home buyer Why it may be necessary to reassess your criteria if you’ve been looking for a while Learn More About Using a Buyer’s Agent To learn more about Martine’s firm, visit primeestate.com/au. If you have additional questions or suggestions for future podcast topics, email Toni at toni@planinsek.com, and take advantage of her resources for beginners in real estate at planinsek.com. Additional information regarding Toni’s real estate business can be found at planinsekproperty.com.au, and her business email is toni@planinsekproperty.com.au.
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