42 minutes | Nov 26, 2018

E8 - Creating Win-Win Investing Partnerships - Liz Faircloth, The DeRosa Group

This episode we speak with Liz Faircloth, a longtime investor and co-founder of the DeRosa Group. She and her husband Matt currently own close to 400 units of residential and commercial assets throughout the east coast. Liz also has a history of a consultant working with Fortune 500 companies to build team and talent development programs and has facilitated hundreds of executive-level workshops throughout the US. She’s the cohost of The Real Estate InvestHER, a podcast providing straight talk along with inspiration for existing and aspiring women investors to live both balanced and financially free lives. Hear how she got into investing and why she believes in creating long-term, win-win partnerships with other investors.  Reach Liz at efaircloth@DeRosaGroup.com, or visit www.DeRosaGroup.com.
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