22 minutes | Nov 12, 2018

E7 - Nothing but Net (Margin) - Rosario Terracciano, Clickinvest

This episode our guest is Rosario Terracciano, Founder and CEO of Clickinvest, a real estate deal sourcing platform powered by machine learning. A 15-year veteran of the industry, Rosario made the bold move to leave the comfort of the corporate world and start his own business, even after being named the top broker in Illinois. One of the secrets to Rosario’s success? He stresses the importance of keeping it simple and not getting caught in the trap of going “too big too fast.” Learn from Rosario’s major wins (and some losses!) in real estate investing.If you’re doing deals in the Chicagoland area or central Florida, check out Clickinvest to get better deals in your inbox daily. Use promo code FUNDTHATFLIP for a discount off your subscription. You can contact Rosario at rosario@clickinvest.com, or call him at 708-369-3151 (no prank calls, folks). 
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