33 minutes | Nov 12th 2019

What Steps Do I Need to Take When Buying a House?

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This week Rick and Kathy welcome Chuck Shaw. Tony is still off somewhere sunning himself.

Real Estate Attorney Rick Carter, Kathy Holtshouser and Chuck Shaw discuss a variety of topics including:

  • What vacations does Kathy have planned?
  • Did Chuck have a good buying experience?
  • Chuck decide he no longer wanted to rent but buy a house
  • The first step was to set up a budget
  • How did he decide where to look for a new home?
  • Did Chuck hire a broker?
  • Kathy is finding buyers are more educated than in the past
  • Chuck found homes online and also went to open houses
  • Were the photos he saw online good representations of the properties?
  • How does Joe Yannetty feel about septic systems?
  • The panel talks about how to avoid buyer’s remorse
  • Buyers need to be aware of how the houses are staged
  • What kind of information did Chuck need to provide for mortgage pre-approval?
  • Buyers need to be proactive
  • Did Chuck like his closing attorney?
  • Does Chuck have any regrets about buying the house?
  • Chuck offers his top 3 tips for new buyers

If you need a Real Estate Team that can walk you through the purchase of your new home start with Carter Law offices. All that and much more on this week’s episode of Real Estate House Party recorded this and every week at The Studio 21 Podcast Café and hosted on The United Podcast Network!

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