36 minutes | Feb 25th 2020

Real Estate Myths

This week Rick, Kathy and Tony welcome John Ternullo back to the party. John is from Leading Edge Real Estate.

Real Estate Attorney Rick Carter, Para Legal Extraordinaire Kathy Holtshouser and Comedian Tony V discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Tony is mourning the loss of Mad Mike Hughes
  • Tony is in favor of a flat world
  • Where will they start with real estate myths?
  • Is it OK to use my equity line of credit the day before I sell my house?
  • Are there questions you shouldn’t ask buyers?
  • Is there any such thing as a comfort pig?
  • Rick recounts a phone call he got earlier in the day
  • Can everyone agree to waive the need for a smoke certificate?
  • Should everyone have their own personal smoke detectors?
  • Was the Wizard of Oz snow made of asbestos?
  • Were the munchkins too handsy?

If you need a Real Estate Team that can walk you through the purchase of your new home start with Carter Law offices. All that and much more on this week’s episode of Real Estate House Party recorded this and every week at The Studio 21 Podcast Café and hosted on The United Podcast Network!