35 minutes | Dec 10th 2019

How Can I Get Organized for my Move?

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This week Rick, Kathy and Tony welcome Eileen Kelly Reed of Simplify with Eileen. She has lots of ideas and tips to get organized.

Real Estate Attorney Rick Carter, Para Legal Extraordinaire Kathy Holtshouser and Comedian Tony V discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Kathy thinks the crew needs to work on being timely
  • Did Tony’s Elvis bust ever get returned?
  • Tony is going to make a movie with only Ring Doorbell cameras
  • Why does Kathy have a doorbell in a drawer?
  • Eileen doesn’t make the decisions, but coaches people about how to think about things
  • Who is Eileen’s typical client?
  • How does Eileen get started with new clients?
  • What is a garage for?
  • Should Rick dust off his bike?
  • You need to be thinking way before of when you plan to move
  • Does anyone need more than a hot plate and clean underwear?
  • What do people do with their kids’ old trophies?
  • There are 7 days in the week and not one of them is called someday
  • Eileen talks about how estate sales work
  • How big does a boat have to be to be considered a ship?
  • What’s the best strategy for moving?
  • What was the best day of Eileen’s life?
  • What should people try for 2020?
  • Simplify with Eileen can be found at simplifywitheileen.com

If you need a Real Estate Team that can walk you through the purchase of your new home start with Carter Law offices. All that and much more on this week’s episode of Real Estate House Party recorded this and every week at The Studio 21 Podcast Café and hosted on The United Podcast Network!

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