32 minutes | Feb 11th 2020

10 Tips for Selling Your House

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This week Kathy is off skiing. So, Rick and Tony are joined by the incomparable Christine Hurley.

Real Estate Attorney Rick Carter, Christine Hurley and Comedian Tony V discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Christine delivers some of her best Kathy lines
  • When you get to a certain age, do people stop noticing you?
  • Are there ugly people in Aruba?
  • Tony and Christine talk about working in Aruba
  • How do people deal with traffic every day?
  • What are Christine’s kids up to?
  • Rick talks about all the dieting going on at Carter Law?
  • Christine talks about her surgery
  • The panel talks about the NH primary
  • What is the Bumblebee joke?
  • Does Tony still have the Seinfeld umbrella?
  • What’s going on in Charlestown?
  • The crew talks about strange names they’ve come across
  • Is Christine a feminist?
  • The topic turns to death and morbidity
  • Tony tells the tragic story of the Elvis theft
  • Tony shares some great life advice

If you need a Real Estate Team that can walk you through the purchase of your new home start with Carter Law offices. All that and much more on this week’s episode of Real Estate House Party recorded this and every week at The Studio 21 Podcast Café and hosted on The United Podcast Network!

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