6 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

At what point could I still change my lender?

Transcribed for the hearing impaired.To read the full transcript while you watch the video - CLICK HEREVideo also available on RumbleYou don't know what you don't know. I'm Steve Martin Smith, and I'm here to help you know it - at least when it comes to real estate. Now, if you find this information helpful, you may want to explore more of our videos and podcasts at SteveMartin HomesGroup.com. Now on with today's topic...At what point could I have changed my lender? That's a question that was just asked to me last week. I realized the importance of having this discussion, because this particular buyer should have asked me this question about a month ago. Instead, he went through the entire process, ended up paying $200 more a month than he was told he was going to have to pay, had to deal with a lender who spoke to him in a condescending manner, had to go through an extension that was completely not necessary had the lender asked for this particular thing to be done three weeks earlier and they should have known that they were going to have to do this. So I'm saying all this to paint the picture that this was not a great experience for this buyer.
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