34 minutes | Feb 10, 2021

Ready Set Gamecast – Episode 90 – Collectors Addition

This week, Dee and Bryce talk about GameStop Stonks, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, and eating out of sports bowls. Have a question or comment for the show? What’s your favorite memory of RSG? Submit it at readysetgamecast.com/submit and the hosts will read it on the next, and final, episode! Don’t miss out! 00:01:37 – What have you been playing – Dee – Phasmophobia and Terraria00:01:51 – Bryce – Destruction All Stars00:03:34 – Bryce – Hitman 300:07:27 – Bryce – Pathfinder Kingmaker00:10:38 – Bryce – Final Fantasy 1400:11:47 – Bryce – Stream Raiders00:12:25 – Quick News00:16:59 – GameStop stock update00:19:49 – Mass Effect: Legendary Edition00:21:08 – Google is shutting down its in-house Stadia game development studios00:23:05 – Patreon Producers00:23:23 – Questions – Do you think collectors editions need to come with the game?00:29:47 – Outro
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