81 minutes | Oct 7, 2020

Ready Set Gamecast – Episode 81 – Birthday Boy

This week, the host talk about Amazons new cloud gaming service, Microsoft buying Bethesda, Minecraft coming to Smash, and Bryces birthday. Have a question or comment for the hosts? What’s your favorite birthday cake? Send them in at readysetgamecast.com/submit for the hosts to read next episode! 00:03:00 – What have you been playing – Matt00:10:05 – Mario games side convo00:12:14 – Back to Matts WHYBP00:16:18 – What have you been playing – Dee00:25:55 – What have you been playing – Bryce00:30:52 – Bryces eating habits side convo00:32:08 – Back to Bryces WYBP00:38:02 – Quick News00:41:00 – Remaster side convo00:42:14 – Back to Quick News00:45:50 – Amazons new cloud gaming service Luna00:54:17 – Microsoft buys Bethesda00:58:26 – Amiibo side convo01:02:22 – Patreon Producers01:02:56 – Ready Set GameChat Reminder – Astrologaster01:04:19 – Questions01:05:30 – What’s your fav Halloween/spooky movie and/or video game01:10:34 – Birthday wishes01:10:55 – Have any of y’all checked out this hit new game of the year contender, Genshin Impact?01:12:15 – Outro
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