146 minutes | Jul 24, 2019

Season 2 Episode 1 - "A Subtle Mutiny"

Welcome to Ready to Role Season 2! I’m Dillon, and for 16 episodes I’ll be your guide through the high seas of Asserin. Asserin is a seafaring setting where the elements run rampant. Volcanic atols, massive hurricanes, earthquakes, and whirlpools make living and traveling through the region dangerous. This setting has honed it’s inhabitants into harden salt of the earth folk. Farmers and their children sweat dawn to dusk to complete their work before the rains hit. Sailors cling to vast rigging single handed, as the seas churn below them. Even the High King Felstead can be seen stacking stone when the quakes rock the capital. Asserin is a place where the harshness of the world inspires lightheartedness in its inhabitants. Night after night taverns and are bursting with stories, laughter and easy flowing ales. Ships meet in open water under flags of truce to tether together, swap goods and rumors, and gamble their hard earned wages on bone dice and marked cards. Small Village festivals dot the calendar, seemingly every other moon the bunting stretches across the town square and the farmers daughters gather to watch the boys. While life’s hard, the people make the best of it. In recent years, the volcanic region known as “Red Water” has become more active. Magma pools have pushed further into open water, New fissures break through the surface, opening vast caverns to the world above. Somewhere deep in the lava tubes a new threat gathers, the raw power of the heat and fire calls to a select group of Asserins. Those akin to the elemental affinity. The Navareen Acolytes chant dark words, and perform dark deeds, all in reverence to the God of Fire. This is Ready 2 Role, and welcome to “The Forgotten Archipelago”. Patreon // Twitch // Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Youtube Original music by davemakesnoises
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