29 minutes | Jun 22, 2016

S3 ep 10: “Blindspot” by Robert Duffer

“Respect your elders” they teach us, early. They are wise and have seen it all and we should revere their experience in the hope that some of their wisdom will be passed onto us. But we aren’t taught about the indignities of aging. Despite all the encouragement to show respect, the world is not made for the elderly. And as our youthful abilities dull and fade, our strength, our hearing, our eyesight, the world becomes harder to navigate. ​ Author: Robert Duffer is the Autos editor at the Chicago Tribune. He teaches creative writing at Columbia College Chicago. He has kids. Reading Out Loud on this episode: Natalie Duke, Brandon Paul Eells, Bob Hulsey, Scott Minor, Randy Steinmeyer
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