57 minutes | Jan 18th 2021

The Creative Life: Never Stop Reinventing Yourself

akaRadioRed welcomes two non-stop creatives. Anne Pratt grew up in an anti-apartheid family in South Africa. She went from a standing ovation dancing for a South Africa top ballet company at age three to being a Harvard fellow in less than four decades. She ran a top advertising agency at age 28, started a top executive search company and wrote poetry for South Africa’s captains of industry and cabinet ministers. Judith Fein is an international travel and culture journalist, author, speaker, playwright, screenwriter, movie and theatre critic, opera librettist, theatre director and Psychology Today blogger. Her books include Life Is A Trip: The Transformative Magic of Travel, The Spoon from Minkowitz: A Bittersweet Roots Journey Through Ancestral lands, and How to Communicate with the Dead…And How Cultures Do It Around the World. Join akaRadioRed for The Creative Life: Never Stop Reinventing Yourself.
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