56 minutes | Dec 14th 2020

Navigating Life’s Bumps: Manifest Your Creativity

akaRadioRed welcomes three very creatives. Christy Whitman, Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and Law of Attraction expert, says “There is no limit to the amount of happiness that we, as human beings, can experience.” She is the author of the NYTimes bestsellers The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch, and international bestseller Quantum Success. She is the founder and CEO of the Quantum Success Learning Academy & Quantum Success Coaching Academy. On a sunny Southern California day in 1986, Scott and Jenny Graham saw each other from across the patio at a restaurant. Fast forward 20 days and they flew to Las Vegas to elope despite a “minor detail”: Scott, a former undercover vice cop, was awaiting sentencing for up to 8 years in prison. Now married and working together for 30+ years, the Grahams have cultivated creativity while sharing integrity, compassion, and humor to overcome obstacles. Join akaRadioRed for Navigating Life’s Bumps: Manifest Your Creativity.
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