56 minutes | Dec 21st 2020

Mentally Tough Women and Your Temperament's Food Faves!

akaRadioRed welcomes two versatile, non-stop creatives. US Army Colonel Deb Lewis is a West Point graduate from its first class with women. She survived the 9/11 Pentagon attack while serving on the Joint Staff antiterrorism team. Colonel Deb’s experiences leading under fire inspired her unique 'Mentally Tough Women' program to help women handle more stress – not de-stress – and put it to work for them. She retired after a 34-year military career. Tune in to hear how she spends her time now! Randy Rolfe, a retired lawyer and founder of the Institute for Creative Solution, is the best-selling author of The Four Temperaments and three other books. Randy says, “Whether dating, trying to understand your spouse or child, collaborating with a co-worker, or discovering your unique creativity, it helps to understand the four temperaments. You can make an educated guess just from your favorite foods!” Join akaRadioRed for Mentally Tough Women and Your Temperament's Food Faves!
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