56 minutes | Sep 28th 2020

Encore: Power-up Your Creativity: From Challenges to Celebration!

Producer/host akaRadioRed’s Cool Conversations with Creatives welcomes two determined, dedicated, successful creatives. Cindy Cipriani, co-owner of Cipriani Remodeling, transformed her life from the depths of despair to an award-winning multi-million-dollar builder, home remodeler and salesperson, mentor, author and grief recovery specialist. Based on her business ventures and personal experiences, Cindy trains corporate teams with “The 5C Solution™ – Discover Clarity and Confidence in Times of Change.” When she's on duty as a military police officer, Mychelle Bell’s uniform is itchy and unflattering. She’d always wanted to be in the fashion world but was alarmed by toxic polyester. In 2018, she started Belle Clothing & Accessories Company, sourcing plant-based fabrics and natural dyes from India to create stylish, quality, medicinal pieces of investment that transform a woman’s lifestyle. Join akaRadioRed to Power-up Your Creativity: From Challenges to Celebration!
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