55 minutes | Nov 30th 2020

Creativity For A Tough Year: The Gift of Holiday Smiles

akaRadioRed welcomes two smile-dedicated creatives. Renae Baker, aka Mrs. Christmas and Carol Boss, is a specialist in Christmas and holiday spirit. In 1997, she founded and became the director of I S.M.I.L.E. in New York Productions, a company of Broadway holiday carolers. She is the author of the bestselling book, Defeating Scrooge – How to Harness the Power of Christmas Carols to Revive Your Spirit Any Time of Year. Dr. Gary Sprouse, aka The Less Stress Doc, is a primary care physician in Maryland who is passionate about bringing happiness to his patients through humor, music and understanding, He entertains his office and nursing home patients with elaborate Halloween and karaoke costumes, and has performed as Prince, Elton John, and Gene Simmons. He has written three plays and 100+ songs and has a YouTube channel with his music videos. Join akaRadioRed for Creativity For A Tough Year: The Gift of Holiday Smiles.
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