53 minutes | Jan 17, 2018

50: IE Principle 2 - Honor Your Hunger

Jennifer McGurk joins me to discuss Intuitive Eating principle #2: Honoring Your Hunger. At the time of recording, I was pregnant and she had just given birth, so we start with some real talk about the IE lessons these experiences will teach you! If you decide to skip ahead, we get into the principle and how it's essential to intuitive eating. It's also essential to have acknowledged your diet mentality, and put any goals of weight loss (or "management" aside) in order to really hear and heed your body's hunger signals. 

Jennifer is an eating disorder specialist, so part of our conversation touches on how this principle is used for eating disorder treatment, when appropriate. 

Check out Jennifer's work and resources on her site: EatwithKnowledge.com

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Stay tuned to learn about principle #3 (Make Peace With Food) next, with Julie Duffy Dillon! 

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