28 minutes | Jan 25, 2023

2023 Industry Outlook - Pharmaceutical

 In this episode of RCA Radio, host Brandon Miller, Steve Lynn, and Susan Schniepp explore what is happening in the Pharmaceutical industry in 2023 and provide you with insight on how to prepare yourself for these upcoming initiatives. Steve is Regulatory Compliance Associates®   Executive Pharmaceutical Consultant and Susan is the chair of PDA and as well as a Distinguished Fellow at RCA. 

Listen in as we go over the increase in spending in the industry as a whole, the continued expansion of cell and gene therapies, drug and device combination products for home and office use, cybersecurity in combination products, non-life science company’s getting into the pharma industry, data integrity and compliance issues, vaccine development with the expansion of mRNA technologies, the post pandemic shift of 503b compounders, and finally the cultural shift around retiring. 

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