59 minutes | Nov 7th 2017

#64 Ryan Hurd: The Dream Guru

In this episode of Raw Talk with Sheena, Sheena interviews Ryan Hurd of The Dreams Studies Portal. Ryan, a 20-year studier of dreams, discusses information on dreaming such as lucid dreaming, dreaming as a means of gauging health and understanding one's own spirituality through the dream state. Stay tuned until the end for information about extra terrestrial beings and how Ryan believes the dream state may be a place for interaction. For more information on Ryan Hurd, please visit his website http://dreamstudies.org/. Ryan will also be hosting a live workshop "Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice” Dec 2 and 9 at 10:30am at the Unitarian society of Germantown (Philadelphia, PA). Non local persons interested in an online workshop with Ryan can find out more information for his December course on Lucid Dreaming here: https://dreamstudies.teachable.com. To join the private Raw Talk With Sheena facebook group, follow this link: www.facebook.com/groups/1826596414263228/ Follows from this episode: TWITTER: @dreamstudies FB: Dream Studies Portal @rawtalkwithsheena @sheenamannina @rawrepublicjuice