84 minutes | May 1, 2019

The Farm Babe Interview - From Farm to Fact

Today we interview Michelle Miller, otherwise known as the Farm Babe. She is a livestock and crop farmer first and foremost, public speaker, writer & social media influencer. We talk about the farming industry as a whole. We focus on the myths, misconceptions and the changing environment of farming. Obviously, GMOs are a major factor and we go over what people don’t know about it. Discussed are the challenges that face her today, her views on farming, science and its communication and targeted activist campaigns. We of course talk about the whole “organic” multibillion-dollar industry and the sometimes “holier than thou tactics” they use and the profitability that drives it. And some more interesting bits and pieces that will shed some light on the industry.To keep up to date on her writings and updates visit her website www.thefarmbabe.comYou can catch her blogs and contributions on AGDAILY https://www.agdaily.com You can find her on social media under @thefarmbabeFor the most up to date posts, find her Facebook: www.facebook.com/iowafarmbabe If you have any comments of ideas or suggestions, contact us in any of the ways below. We will gladly reply! E-Mail us directly at rumboyz101@gmail.com or hit us up on social media.Follow us and subscribe by searching "Random Urban Memories", as usual, anywhere:Any podcasting App/Site including Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio & TuneIn RadioDirect Podcast Website/ RSS Feed: https://www.spreaker.com/show/rumboyzs-show Twitter: @randomurbanInstagram: #rumboyz_fitFacebook: Random Urban Memories
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