16 minutes | Mar 27, 2019

Random – Incidental Accidents

Howdy! I know that it’s taken a while, but we finally have a new episode of Random ready and available for your consumption! Once again, we’re casting a pod that is chock-full of aural experimentation and audio buffoonery. This episode includes some exciting morsels such as: Intro The Perm Howlin’ Wolf Speaks Ride of the Valkyries – Old electronica Tiny Tiny – Written and performed by Dave Girtsman Having Kicks Puny Earthlings News at 10 The Shat Incidental Accidents Close Your Windows – Written and performed by Dave Girtsman Signaling the Mother Ship (With the vocal stylings of Joe Lombardo!) Only a Test Leon Theremin Plays His Own Instrument Outro If you are enjoying Random, then please tell all your friends and be sure to subscribe and leave a review. Thanks for listening!
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