19 minutes | Aug 7, 2020

Random Episode 6 – The Randomest Episode Ever!

Finally! A new episode that is totally jam packed with oddities, curiosities, head scratchers, what have you. This episode includes extreme amounts of aural weirdness such as: An intro Sleepcersizing Infomercial You’ve been Shatnered Old Tyme Crackpot When You’re Smiling (cover song) Papas Got a Brand New Bag (cover song) Chicken Man Jumbo Dumbo Hang Tough (Written and performed by Dave Girtsman) Jingleberry 1 Lady (cover song) Jingleberry 2 Soundtrack to a Nightmare (Written and performed by Dave Girtsman) Adams Incidental PSA Fly Me to the Moon (cover song) Can I tell you about my can? Message from the 4th dimension Theme X Rich Corinthian Leather Forest Nymph The Cad – A true story! Outro If you are enjoying Random, then please tell all your friends and be sure to subscribe and leave a review. Thanks for listening!  
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