19 minutes | Jan 29, 2019

Random Episode 2 - Side Effects May Include...

Hello everyone! Episode 2 of the Random podcast is now available! We’ve got some music, some spoken word-ish sort of stuff, bloops, bleeps, all sorts of nonsense. Here’s a few notes on what’s included*: Intro Teeny Tiny Claws I’m All Out of Love (Randomized) Side Effects Earworm – The Blort Collective So Slow On the Freeway Borgash on the Importance of Proper Dental Hygiene – Joe Lombardo Taco Taco (or taco x 2) Swamp Monster Space Biscuit – Big Biscuit Express Backwards Sounds Like Russian Outro *Written/composed by Dave Girtsman unless otherwise noted I hope that you enjoy the show and don’t find any of the content too emotionally disturbing. Cheers, Dave  
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