53 minutes | Jun 16, 2016

Feed 60: Getting Healthy and Paying It Forward!

What is Feed 60? What is this all about! Meet my business partner and teammate Nick Jongebloed. Through our simultaneous journey of self improvement in health, mindset, and careers, Nick has really gone that extra mile to set an example for us all! Hear how he took a 16 week health and fitness challenge and took his winnings and was able to bless the community! Taking note of some of the before, during, and afterschool meal programs available to the under resourced, Nick wanted to find a way to contribute. Fast forward, this has started a movement within an entire company to share over 30,000 meals to children in need all over the country this year alone! Hear how you can get fit and get kids fed! Paying it forward has never felt so good!
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