48 minutes | Feb 14, 2021

Victoria Gago - The exciting Trends of Blockchain

"In the Future, to actually get the most out of Blockchain, we will see that the silo's that exist today will be removed and competitors will be working together. This will create new Business Models"- Victoria Gago. In this talk our host, Salma Houari, had the pleasure to sit down with Victoria Gago, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of European Blockchain Convention and European Tech School. Victoria is additionally the Director of OBS' Business School & Three Points' Master in Blockchain and Founder & President of Accelerate Network (Women's association). Previously, she worked as an Investment Analyst in Black Toro Capital which is a Private Equity fund and as an M&A Director in Windcorp Translink. Victoria takes us through her serendipitous way of entering into the Blockchain space, how she developed the essential traits of an entrepreneur and her view of the largest trends in Blockchain. We also discuss what she views as essential to help accelerate the convergence and adoption of Blockchain into others industries. What’s more? Victoria also explains what you should not miss out on during the upcoming European Blockchain Convention, 12-16 April 2021. To learn more: eblockchainconvention.com Be sure to listen to this episode!
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