75 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

Genevieve Leveille – Being a whisperer between Technology & Business

On this episode we had the pleasure to talk to Genevieve Leveille, the principal founder and CEO of AgriLedger. Genevieve shared a great of learnings on her career trajectory and her transition from the corporate environment (HP, GE, Royal Bank of Scotland, Chase Manhattan Bank and more…) into the Blockchain Startup world. As the founder of Agriledeger, which enables trust and transparency in the ecosystem by providing services and tools for digital identity and traceability, she also takes us through what value Blockchain Technology would also be creating for all the stakeholders involved. Genevieve is also the vice-chair of techUK’s Distributed Ledger Technologies Working Group, which provides strategic direction for all UK activities related to DLT. Make sure to tune into this episode if you also want to get her insights on the latest developments around DLT!
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