49 minutes | Oct 8th 2020

Are we psychologically ready for all that Raised by Wolves presents?

The harrowing vision of the future in which Raised By Wolves takes places forces humanity to grasp with change and tragedy beyond comprehension. But how well does the series depict how human beings would actually react when confronted with staggering concepts like starting life over on a distant planet or facing android superweapons? On the final episode of Raised By Wolves: The Podcast’s first season, host Holly Frey joins psychologist and YouTube star Ali Mattu in considering whether or not humanity is truly up to the task of embracing our future -- or if we'll just crumble under the weight of our own fear and guilt. Raised By Wolves creator Aaron Guzikowski also checks in one last time to explain how he developed the psychological profiles of the show’s characters as they try to prove themselves worthy of being humanity’s last chance for survival.

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