13 minutes | Apr 22nd 2019

153 - Their Opinion Doesn't Count

Today, I want to talk to you about other people's opinions. And more importantly, how to pull back from them and take back the power that you're so used to giving to them. Because when it all comes down to it, their opinion doesn't count. The only opinion that matters is yours. Recently, I've been getting comments here and there on Facebook, haters on the internet that just don't have nice things to say. Because they feel like the internet and posting negative, icky, low-vibe comments is something that is appropriate and must make them feel good. And sometimes I am the target of their negativity, as you may be as well. I have a way of dealing with that that may be helpful for you when you're dealing with other people's negative opinions, and that is simply to take a step back and observe, not absorb, that comment. It's in that moment that you have a choice. You can choose to give those words power by agreeing with them and attaching a feeling to them, allowing them to feel true in your body. Or you can pause, take a step back, and go, "That's interesting, but I'm not going to take that on. I'm not going to give these words power. I'm going to choose in this moment to disagree with what it is that you just said," You may be giving your power away, power to words that aren't yours, beliefs that aren't yours. Because here's the thing, words themselves mean nothing unless you believe them. It's your belief that has the power. And if you don't argue with that belief, if you don't release it and let it go, it's going to continue to show up again and again. So what beliefs are you currently holding onto? What beliefs do you hold inside your heart and in your mind that no longer serve you? Where did they come from? Are they your beliefs, or are these the beliefs and opinions of somebody else? Are you letting these beliefs hold you back from being your authentic self? And if you are, I want you to hear my words right now. You and your opinion and the way you believe, it's your opinion and the way you feel and think about yourself that comes first. And if you find that you are giving your attention, your focus, the power to words and beliefs and opinions that are not yours or are not serving you, I want you to take a step back, say to yourself, "That's interesting, but I'm not going to take that on. I love my authentic self just the way I am." And repeat it again and again until you start to feel it. And once you start to feel it, you will start to believe it. Now, if putting yourself out there is something that may be holding you back in your life or business, I invite you to join a workshop that I have on this very subject coming up.   Join the workshop: https://tonyarineer.com/tribe Get the shownotes: https://tonyarineer.com/153  
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