15 minutes | Apr 8th 2019

151 - Your Energy Type + What it Says About You

Today we are talking about energy, and specifically, your energy type.  There are four different sources of energy that we each have and we must find the balance between them to avoid burn out. A habit that so many of us get into is spending too much of our time or focusing too much on one type of energy.  You know what they say? "Everything in moderation is a good thing, it leads to balance, but too much of a good thing is toxic." That definitely applies when it comes to energy. So let's talk about the four types of energy. There is focused energy, social energy, physical energy and restful energy, and in order to maintain high levels of energy in all of these areas we have to give them each a little bit of attention and love and incorporate them into our day. And when we neglect all of these areas and focus too much attention one over the other, we can end up totally drained. Avoiding Energy Burn Out Which Energy is Lacking? I have a challenge for you. Make it a priority for the next seven days to see how your energy shifts when you focus on the other energy areas. And then, give the area that needs your attention, the attention it deserves. And watch how you start to feel more balanced, feel more in control of your life, and feel more at ease with the world around you. These are the subtle shifts in energy that make the big differences.
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