14 minutes | Apr 1st 2019

150 - Money Manifesting Routine

We all are open to receiving more money, right? That's always a good thing. But, in order to attract more money, we have to know a few things. We have to be really clear about what it is that we want. How much money we want and why. We have to be aligned with the energy of receiving that money and believe it's possible. Last week, we talked about why the law of attraction may not be working for you and what to do about it. And if you've already listened to that episode, great, you're ready for this one. If you have not, I suggest you go back and listen. If you spend three minutes on visualization, three minutes on gratitude, and three minutes affirming, meaning digging in your brain to find the proof that what it is that you desire is possible, you are going to get into that manifestation zone. Now, you could spend 10 minutes doing this every morning. So let's break down this morning routine: visualization, gratitude, and affirmations. What to do and why are they so important? Visualization Gratitude Affirmations   It is so simple. It seems like it should be more complicated, doesn't it? But it's not. It's a matter of rinse and repeat. It's repetition. It's doing the work to keep your vibe high and noticing any negative emotions or thoughts that are derailing you along the way, and doing the work to unblock yourself from those, to remove those thought processes and toxic emotions so that they aren't controlling you and they aren't bringing your vibe down, so that you can stay in this high-vibe, energy of manifestation. In 10 minutes a day, it will change your world. Join my tribe and download your free gift: https://tonyarineer.com/tribe Get the shownotes: https://tonyarineer.com/150    
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