35 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

Ep. 339: How (and Why!) to Take a Break

Y'all! I'm taking a break! Whuuuuuut? Yes! After over 6 years of producing (at least) weekly episodes for this show, I'm talking a wee break, and in this week's episode, I'm sharing why I'm pausing now, what that's going to look like for the podcast, and how you can take a break as well.

Listen this week to find out the practical things I'll be doing during my break (because I have to make it as useful as possible, don't I? lol.) as well as the ways I'm holding space for myself. Aaaaaand you'll get to hear a little bit about what might be coming down the track for RYHSY. A new podcast name?! Maybe, just maybe. WHO EVEN KNOWS ANYTHING ANYMORE???

Oh! If you're already wondering when new episodes will be coming, don't fret! I've got a bunch of my faves queued up for your ears while I'm away!!

What I said:

"Just because you can keep going doesn't mean you should."

"Your break doesn't have to be all or nothing." 

"Let 'I don’t know' be normal. Accept it for where you are right now instead of working harder and pushing more."

Those Timestamps:

01:55 - Importance of breaks... and why I'm taking one  11:07 - Step #1: Know what you want 20:54 - Step #2: Give yourself permission to do so 23:03 - Step #3: Identify what stays 24:37 - Step #4: Create some structure/tracking  25:29 - Step #5: Stay so curious and be willing to be surprised  29:50 - Step #6: Let yourself be guided

Show Notes:

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