65 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

Ep. 338: Ann Shen on Fashion (and Baking!) as Resistance

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to have Ann Shen on the show again! She is an illustrator, hand letterer, and bestselling author of three books and today, we're talking about Ann's new book ‘Nevertheless, She Wore It’ which is all about how fashion is a tool for resistance and empowerment.

In this episode, we talk about finding your own power and voice, looking for ways to relax, recover, express your best self in this firehose of a time that we’re in right now. And baking! We talk all about baking! Enjoy, enjoy!

What She Said:

"I can conquer anything when I put on the costume of my best self." 

"We are in control of how we portray ourselves."

"Your worth does not come from external validations or numbers that can be quantified."

Those Timestamps:

00:44 - Where we are now... Firehose of a time  06:55 - Overview of 'Nevertheless, She Wore It' - fashion, resistance, self-love 18:50 - 'The Red Lipstick' - historical issues on lipstick/makeup 21:26 - Using fashion to feel good about yourself  34:32 - Ann's love for baking... and raising chickens 48:42 - Expressing your best self, Paying attention to self-worth 58:59 - Finding ways to relax, recover, and show up amidst the pandemic

Show Notes:

Connect with Ann:

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Bad Girls Throughout History

Legendary Ladies

Nevertheless, She Wore It

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