47 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

Ep. 337: How (and Why) to Stop Doomscrolling

Have you found yourself down the rabbit hole of social media lately? This week, I'm tackling doomscrolling and looking at how you can take strides towards less social media consumption and why it's important to do so.

I’ll be giving things to keep in mind about what social media is giving us these days, practical things that you can do to stop ‘doomscrolling’, why it doesn’t mean that you are bad person spending time in these apps, and the power of setting hard limits and letting go of the ‘all or nothing’ mindset as you regain power over your time.  

What I said:

"Things start to change when we are willing to tell ourselves the truth."

"Setting the boundary is the easy part. Maintaining the boundary is the hard part." 

"Be willing to set hard limits for yourself to break the habits."

Those Timestamps:

00:48 - Doomscrolling... and social media consumption dilemma 09:05 - Acknowledge what it gives you and pay attention to what it costs you 16:51 - Set a boundary for yourself 19:58 - Commit your time to the things aligned with your values  22:31 - Change your muscle memories (moving/deleting apps) 31:43 - Turn off email or push notifications 33:53 - Buy an alarm clock, set hard limits for yourself 37:32 - Give yourself grace... think beyond 'all or nothing' 40:12 - Remember that being on social media all the time means you're behaving as expected

Show Notes:

My Sunrise Alarm Clock

Hidden Brain podcast: Passion Isn't Enough: The Rise Of 'Political Hobbyism' in the United States

Apps + Online Tools for Finding Focus:

Forest iOs app

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