32 minutes | Sep 29th 2020

Ep. 336: What's Next? (And all the rage, grief, and hope in that question)

This week, I'm talking about what to do when you find yourself either wanting something to change, recognizing that something's not working, or recognizing that you don't know where to go next.

Picking up a thread from my conversation last week with Rob Bell (and his new book Everything is Spiritual), I want to examine the question/prayer/mantra "Now what?" and show how we can work with it to get the clarity we're after.

If you're not sure what’s next or still figuring out the next steps in the life that you want, this episode is for you!

I share what it means to keep going, how to find clarity, why anger is okay, and what embracing curiosity and grace can bring to your life.

What I said:

"The reason that I have 336 episodes is I kept going."

"Prayer is a powerful tool."

"What we need to be aware of is what’s on the other side of anger."

"The knowing will lead you to curiosity, and curiosity will lead you to clarity."

Those Timestamps

00:35 - What it means to actually "keep going" 04:41 - Why I'm reopening applications for the Inner Circle (but only for 3 days!) 07:52 - The question/prayer of "Now, what?" 14:55 - Recognizing the anger, rage, fire...  19:48 - Living from a place of curiosity and grace 24:46 - How to work with the mantra of "Now, what?"

Show Notes:

Applications are open for the Inner Circle until 11:59 PST on Thursday, October 1!

Everything is Spiritual by Rob Bell

RYHSY Ep. 335: Rob Bell on Everything is Spiritual and Apocalyptic Hope