63 minutes | Sep 15th 2020

Ep. 334: Anne Ditmeyer on Rewriting Rules, Solving Problems, and Getting Lost (on purpose!)

This week, I'm in conversation with creative coach, explorer, educator, designer, and Inner Circler Anne Ditmeyer.

Listen in to hear us talk about being uncool, giving yourself permission to be ridiculous, why getting lost is a good thing, what happens when you keep saying yes to opportunity, why you're allowed to seek out joy even during a pandemic, and the power of using creativity to solve problems. We also talk about her experience in the Inner Circle (applications are now open!), so if you're curious about what's available there, have a listen!

What She Said:

"I want to be as uncool as possible."

“Nobody acknowledges how much time content takes to create”.

"What are those stories that aren't told?"

"Make it human."

“The value comes from people who are not like us.”

“Get lost on purpose; there are multiple ways to reach a destination.”

"Drawing on a banana is the new standard."

"Be ridiculous."

Those Timestamps:

09:00 - The creative process is messy 16:40 - Managing your goals 19:50 - Finding your own way to do things 24:00 - Connecting with people 27:30 - Using COVID lockdown to make new rules 31:30 - How creativity is problem solving

Show Notes: 

Applications are open for the Inner Circle!

Connect with Anne:

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