62 minutes | Sep 8th 2020

Ep. 333: Gillian Freeman on Finding Peace & Freedom

I am so excited to be talking with one of my current Inner Circlers Gillian Freeman, of Pen & Thimble, this week! Gillian creates handmade, eco-friendly products for her business and is a busy mom of 2.

In this episode, we talk about her experience in the Inner Circle, what brought her to the work, what she learned about pausing and taking breaks, and why she didn't really believe that what's happened for her was possible (but it was!).

We also talk about how things changed for her along the way, why she's taken up a new hobby, and where she's looking next.

Applications open Monday 9/14 for the next round of the Raise Your Hand Say Yes Inner Circle (we start October 1!) and if you're wondering if it's a good fit for you, Gillian's story will be helpful so you can see what's available!

What She Said:

"Success that's built on a foundation of burnout is not success."

"It's not just about the business but who you are as a person - what you believe and what you want."

"You don't have to put all of your ambition on hold in order to feel good in your life."

"Whatever you need to do, start now... It's a journey."

Those Timestamps:

07:18 - Not being a robot 20:46 - It's okay to hit pause 26:52 - Doing the work with bigger/deeper alignment 31:38 - How Gillian got into crocheting   35:42 - Relaxation and reconnecting with oneself 44:09 - What's next for Gillian? 50:38 - Reopening with grace and faith 59:55 - How to do the work without the burnout

Show Notes: 

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