46 minutes | Sep 1st 2020

Ep. 332: Those Unseen Costs of Staying Still

Yes. Raising your hand and saying yes to what you want for your life is going to require time and energy. And you might have precious little of it (hey! There's a free challenge for that!). But this week, I'm talking through all the things that not following through on what we want for our lives is costing us.   And what I know is that it's time for us to shift our standards of what's acceptable. To stop letting doubt make our decisions. To take a stand for what we want even when circumstances are less than ideal.   Overcoming inertia will always be a challenge. It will only get harder the longer you wait. And those things keeping you up at night? They aren't going anywhere. So what would happen if you started investing in yourself. (Yes. Even right now.)   In this episode, you'll hear me talk about helping you set a foundation of being yourself in your life. Showing up to everything as the single version of you. Living on the outside as who you know you're ready to be on the inside. It's bold and brave and beautiful. Let's go.   What I Said:   "Your pre-COVID life was too much. No wonder you don't know where to put yourself right now."   "Continuous improvement is not your life's purpose."   "Staying where you know you don't want to be is never going to help get you what you want."   "I'm asking you to step into simultaneously easing up on yourself and holding the entire world to a higher standard of what's okay and acceptable."   "Long-term stress is killing us."   "Extreme dissatisfaction can be an impetus for change."   "The resistance keeping you still is only going to get louder the longer you wait."   Those Timestamps:   04:57 - The unseen cost of not saying yes to yourself   13:36 - Knowing when to start looking for something else 20:04 - Extreme dissatisfaction and overcoming resistance  29:17 - The power of rest and slowing down 35:36 - Taking a step closer every day 38:35 - Are you playing the game you want to win?  43:31 - How to start making your shift   Show Notes:   RSVP for the free September 8-10 Choose Yourself Challenge   Submit a q or topic idea for a future podcast episode   Take the Agency Archetypes Quiz