39 minutes | May 20th 2020

Raises: What Matters Most with Gary Fly

Today you meet my longtime friend Gary Fly, Chief Marketing Officer at the Brooks Group. He dives right at the heart of How to Get A Raise: “more than anything else, creating alignment with your team and an understanding with your supervisor, then becoming very proficient at your craft - all while having a good attitude - will earn you a raise. You start to rise up. People recognize skill and desire.”  WOW! Gary also covers How to uncover your company’s compensation philosophy and how NOT to ask for a raise during the Pandemic.RAISE UP SHOWNOTES:www.raiseuppodcast.com/9Love the show? These sponsors make it possible!MyPrep PartnersThe World Leader In Nace Certification Prephttps://www.mypreppartners.com/
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