43 minutes | May 27th 2020

Old School Cool with Avery Hall

4X All-Conference Defensive Tackle at Appalachian State University turned banking executive at Wells Fargo with a big heart. In this episode, Avery combines his corporate knowledge of one of the world’s largest banks with the “in-the-trenches” old-school mentality that put him in the ASU and GA State HS Football Hall of Fame.“You will never get something for nothing in this life. That’s not how the game works. If you're going to look at your employer for a raise, doesn’t it make sense to start off by looking at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘Okay, what have I done to add value to this team? Am I giving everything I’ve got for these folks, or am I standing on the sidelines?’” “This isn’t about corporate America - this is about you as a person. If you develop this mindset, you can become an All American football player, you can become an All American banker, you can become an all American dentist, lawyer, whatever you decide to be. But whether that happens or not depends on how you tackle life on a day to day basis, and how you perform when the game is on the line.” - Avery HallRAISE UP SHOWNOTES:www.raiseuppodcast.com/10Love the show? These sponsors make it possible!MyPrep PartnersThe World Leader In Nace Certification Prep Courseshttps://www.mypreppartners.com/
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